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Yes, you are in the right place, if you need a modern web application.

I was named Peter in honor of St. Apostle Peter.

I'm a Full Stack Web(3.0) developer:
JavaScript/TypeScript + Vue.js + web3.js,
Golang, Solidity, Func,
and Node.js, PHP.
Servers set up with an Ubuntu + Docker,

I'm working in macOS, use ten-finger touch typing and VIM editor.

Preferred method of communication - telegram @qrkey QRKEY

Look through the site, get acquainted with my possibilities and services.

Updated March 21, 2023

I haven't updated my website and portfolio for the past few years, I just haven't had the time to do so.
Because of it, Therefore, at least briefly, I will describe the main news.
Firstly: Backend code now i write in Golang with an eye on performance, that is, without the use of frameworks and ORMs.
Secondly: the last couple of years I have had a lot of work with the blockchain.
As a new turnkey service, I want to introduce the service: "Smart contract + website"
The minimum cost of any order is $10 000.

In conclusion my technology stack is:

  • Smart contracts: Solidity/Func
  • Frontend: Vue.js 3.x, javascript/typescript
  • Backend: Golang
And also, if necessary, I work with Node.js and PHP

Standard services

  1. Smart contract + website. I will write a Smart contracts, no matter what complexity, on Solidity or Func (TON blockchain), as well as create a web application (site) and integrate with it.
  2. Creation of functional sites prototypes. There are certain standards of usability and design in website development, that users are get used to.
    These standards are determined by the leaders of Internet business (social networks, search engines and other popular services). And this standards are reflected in popular css-frameworks with design, developed by world-class professionals. But any hasty innovation in design may negatively reflect in website conversion. That is why in modern Internet marketing any innovations go through split/multi tests. It is wise to start your Internet project with minimal professional design, eg design by the twitter bootstrap team, concentrating on the convenience and structure of information presenting in order to be able to set riskier experiments with your own innovations in design, sizing (calibrating) them through multi/split testing in the future. By the way, I can organise it with the help of google analytics.
  3. Development of online stores, integrated systems, portals and any other web apps. My products are easy to maintain.
    The reason is:
    • I use one of the most popular tools, which most of the programmers in the world work with, for example, I make backend in PHP with the help of the Laravel framework, I use the javascript framework Vue.js as a framework for frontend and so on (see more details here - tools).
    • I code according to generally accepted standards, comment and document it. I try not to reinvent the wheel, if there are time-tested solutions, then I just use them.
    • When it possible or necessary, I set PHP and Javascript tasks with tests (unit or functional) and then actualize (realize) them. Test Driven Development helps the third-party programmers make changes easily without damaging general project functionality. The unit tests also serve as visual documentation.
  4. Redoing outdated web projects if it is too slow or too expensive in maintenance. In this case we take as a basis the structure and logic of the old one and on its basis develop a completely new site. Then data from old web app (images, data structures from database, old urls to save the weight of incoming links (SEO) etc.) are transferred to a new site.
  5. Google Apps Script programming. Since in the past I worked a lot with online stores, where import/export/price lists processing tasks are always acute, most of my google apps works was done for Google Sheets.
  6. Interactive SVG/Canvas/WebGL-animation is still poorly distributed. In this case it can be interesting to visitors and strengthen the user behavioral ranking factor (SEO).
  7. I can also perform partial work concerning Laravel, Vue.js and all of the above, but this is not a rational approach and I will do it only in case of high interest.

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