Tools I use to create web apps


To build ER-diagrams, flowcharts, brainstorm I usually use lucidchart, my mind and walking back and forth.

lucidchart-projecting brain


Now I do the design layout in thesketch app.
But I used to work in photoshop for a long time before.
Sketch App photoshop


I am developing a backend with php using the Laravel Framework (in PhpStorm IDE and through PHPUnit TDD)
Laravel Framework язык php среда разработки PhpStorm PHPUnit


html, css

For html I prefer use PUG. I describe html styles with LESS or SCSS/SASS.
I build only responsive html layouts. Mostly I have worked with , but for this site I have used semantic-ui.


For programming in javascript I prefer use latest version of ECMAScript and Typescript. For basis I always use Vue.js. As a module builder I use webpack. Also I know and use Node.js. I cover code by unit tests with: chai, mocha, karma and so on.
less sass twitter-bootstrap semantic-ui ecma-script vue-js karma chai mocha node-js webpack


In recent years I have used OS Ubuntu / Debian (in childhood I use FreeBSD). As a web server I have used Nginx, Caddy (In childhood - Apache). And now, using Docker, I can install different versions of backend services at the same time. I use docker-composer, docker-swarm, docker-machine and so on. System based on docker possible transfer to other hardware in minutes.
Docker Nginx Ubuntu Apache Debian


I work on a Macbook pro. Touch typing and VIM editor make the text editing lightning fast. Any changes are under control of git. I make notes and docs in Markdown. My documents automated in google apps. Also I may use either Toggl or Vitamin-R2 or Screenflow (if you need video reports) as a timer. For GTD I may use OmniFocus and other GTD soft.
mac os x keymap vim git markdown omni Vitamin-R 2 Google Apps