Reasonable price for the filtered concentrate

70 bucks
clocks Clock svg for Clock vue component Hour of work

You pay only for pure concentrated time, spent on specific tasks

I only take money for professional development. If I need some time to study the topic, to think it over, I do it at my own expense.

I work strictly on a timer. If I have to pause, I pause a timer.

It is not just a timer, it's the Pomodoro technique  + GTD. Briefly: I break the case down into a hierarchy of short sub tasks, put sub tasks into the timer, work 25 minutes, then have a short break and so on.

You can watch what I was doing

Screen captures are the most detailed of the reports on the work I have ever known. In my practice, I use this method whenever possible. The only condition for long-term projects is timely downloading video.
For example, hourly video from a screen of my macbook pro 13" retina takes up ~80 megabytes.

I work faster and better than a year ago. And this trend is exponential.

I touch type, VIM editor facilities and other hi-end tools. This increases the speed of input and text processing by tens of times.

I have already solved most standard tasks. A lot solutions of various tasks I remember by heart.

When you work with a team, you need some time when a designer swears with frontend developer, a frontend programmer with a backend developer and so on.
I solve tasks in each specialization in advance and avoid similar inconsistencies.

How much do I charge to make a website?

The minimum price for the project is one thousand dollars. It's because I have to build a mutual understanding and teamwork with every customer.

For $1000 I can make a working web app that solves the tasks. For example, an online shop with integration into various advertising, analytical and financial systems with professional simple design based on sass/less framework Twitter Bootstrap.

I prefer working in stages. Each stage - is a completed task.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

I have often met clients who would like to finish work from someone else. Until a "thrifty" client gets the bumps and understands he has to pay for every thing, he is doomed to waste money in vain.

Time is the most valuable thing, not money.

If you want to get practically an ideal result, spending very little time, click on the red button at the top - message me.