Viktoria Vlaseva [Gosti_tyt]

I like to work with this developer - he does work quickly and clearly. We continue cooperation.


Viktoria Vlaseva [Gosti_tyt]

Thank you for your cooperation! Reliable and competent specialist.


Viktoria Vlaseva [Gosti_tyt]

Wonderful specialist, the work was done even ahead of schedule and with high quality.
I put big + and work further.


Igor Varennikov [Igor_Varennikov]

Peter is a very nice, competent specialist. Unfortunately, our cooperation ended before we could really begin, but a very good impression remained. If you need something for Modx I will contact.


Ideas-is-power Ideas [leidea]

Peter is an excellent specialist. We completed a very complex project on Modx with the creation of a custom class schedule. He is very attentive to work, he does all the work to the end. Very satisfied. We will continue to work.


roman som [r-startsev]

Peter was preparing a turnkey website for our company. He proved to be very responsible, and made the site the way we wanted to see it. Pleased with the work - I will contact you again.


Lyudmila Kuzmina [ole108]

We ordered a technical audit of the site (analysis of suitability for promotion in search engines), a search for the causes of errors and their elimination. We are satisfied with the work: promptly, professionally and competently. We continue cooperation.


Andrey Medvedev [usremont]

Worked with Peter !!! :-)
I needed a parser for a site under MODx, a script which, based on a txt file, fills the site with articles and fills in the fields of keywords and all that.
Everything is done and even everything works :) I am very pleased. :-)
Until Peter, two more people undertook this work and to no avail, but here everything was completed in two days (by the way, as agreed).
I recommend a great programmer !!!


Dmitriy Live [open_your_eyes]

Collaborated, +


Ivan Bezfamilnyj [Ruspath]

I took a consultation, everything is ok.


Dmitriy Kiprenskiy [DmitryKeeper]

Peter is one of the most responsible specialists with whom we had to work. Also, judging by the results of the work, an extremely competent programmer.
Specifically, according to the project, the site was transferred to the MODx control system, additional functionality for MODx was written, an interface for JQuery was created. The tasks were not simple, but they were solved fairly efficiently and promptly; in the process, various solutions were proposed.


Sergey Ts [nejik]

Very wonderful and nice person. Also a very good programmer. You have set and fulfilled all your goals. The goal was the creation and refinement of the template and the Livestreet engine itself. Also fixed all bugs with modules. During work, he advised and gave advice. I am very pleased with the work done. All at the highest level. Thank you very much, I will order more. Recommend!


Vladislav Bosch [Rossmann]

Peter coped with the creation of the site perfectly, although he is a novice specialist. Everything is clear, strictly according to the statement of work, neatly, the modifications are minimal and executed as quickly as possible. I recommend as a reliable and competent developer.


Mark Majorov [sexleksaker]

Pleasant person, good PHP specialist.
Properly and quickly detected and fixed errors on my site.
The price for the work done was quite acceptable.
I recommend it as a satisfied customer.


Vladimir Ivanov [vlaspb]

A good competent specialist in his field.
Quickly and competently figured out the server problem and helped to solve them correctly
With respect Vlad.


Andrew Makalkin [STIMIK]

I really liked how the work was done, instantly set up the server, although many did not succeed, I recommend Petr to everyone, I will continue to work with he


Dmitriy Solovey [DSolovey]

Quickly responded to the project, just as quickly started to complete the task.
The task was to configure VPS, it was necessary to install apache, mysql, php. Also install and configure the control panel.
I didn’t have to explain much, I grabbed everything on the go!
I am very pleased with the work, thank you!


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